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Educational Showroom

MISSCO's Educational Showroom presents clients with thought-provoking ideas for academic and academic-related furnishings. Clients have the opportunity to study furnishings and fabrics directly with the help of an on-staff interior designer and space planner. Visit our Showroom to observe room furnishings for libraries & media centers, administrative offices, classrooms, faculty lounges, computer labs, cafeteria & dining areas, residential halls, lecture rooms, gymnasiums, and auditoriums.


And include, MISSCO on your checklist for Interior Design & Space Planning Services to make your project add up.


Call 601.368.2508 to schedule a Showroom visit.

Commercial & Healthcare Showroom

MISSCO's Commercial/Healthcare Showroom offers clients the opportunity to view furnishings firsthand and observe new ideas in furniture, fabrics and space planning. Experience room environments for training rooms, reception areas, executive offices, workstations, conference rooms, reception and waiting areas, employee break rooms, and more.


Additionally, MISSCO provides Interior Design & Space Planning Services to help bring your vision to reality.


Call 601.368.2510 to schedule a Showroom visit.

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